15 Genius Storage Solutions for Small Bedrooms

If your bedroom is a constant mess and you blame the fact that you don’t have enough space for everything, then perhaps you’re in need of some serious bedroom storage hacks. Today I am sharing with you my favorite storage solutions for small bedrooms that I personally use in my small bedroom to keep it looking neat and tidy on a budget!

1. Use IKEA bed slats as storage.


2. Add hooks to the back of your closet wall.


3. Install a shelf above your bedroom door.

4. Organize your cables using binder clips.


5. Egg cartons work great to organize desk items such as paperclips and erasers.

6. Use soda can tabs to hang more clothes in your closet.


7. Make your own headboard with a storage slot.


8. Turn a magazine holder into a corner shelf.


9. Use a shoe organizer to organize socks and underwear.

Use a shoe organizer to organize socks and underwear
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10. Repurpose a hanger into a jewelry holder.


11. Install a fold-down desk.


12. Use a bar cart as a nightstand.


13. Use crown molding as a shoe rack.


14. Create underbed storage from an old drawer.


15. Hang some wire baskets on your closet door to store accessories.

And there you have it! 15 great ways to maximize your bedroom storage. So what are you waiting for? Which storage solution are you going to try first?

15 Genius Storage Solutions for Small Bedrooms

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