20 Dollar Store Organization Hacks

Organization doesn’t have to be a difficult or expensive process. Dollar Stores offer a range of different organization products which will help you to organize your whole home and keep everything in the right place. From organizing the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom to taking care of laundry clutter, here you will find 25 Dollar Store organization ideas that you can try in your home today!

1. Portable Spice Kit Organizer

Portable Spice Kit Organizer

Here is a simple and very inexpensive way to bring your favorite spices anywhere with you by using a pill dispenser. (From: Dollar Store Crafts)

2. Cute Cotton Swab Storage

cute cotton swab storage

Glass candle holder is perfect to hold your q-tips. (From: Craft-o-Maniac)

3. Gift Wrap Storage

Gift Wrap Storage

Made from an over the door shoe organizer. You can hold in it scissors, tape, and small gift bags. (From: The Country Chic Cottage)

4. Belt Organizer from Clothespins

Belt Organizer from Clothespins

Cool organizer made from just a few clothespins and a strip of wood. Use them to hang belts, scarfs, tights, and even jewelry. (From: Power Tools & High Heels)

5. Electronic Odds and Ends

Electronic Odds and Ends

Use clear plastic cups to keep your cords and other electronic accessories organized. (From: Imperfect Homemaking)

6. Dollar Store Tiered Tray

Dollar Store Tiered Tray

This tiered tray is made from dollar store plates, candlesticks and a little glue! It can be used for so many things – kitchen, bathroom, office, or bedroom. (Tutorial: Liz Marie Blog)

7. Shelf With Plastic Crates

Shelf With Plastic Crates

Made by Diane, these dollar store crates are attached to the wall to create easy shelving for a child’s room. (Tutorial: Home Talk)

8. Ribbon Basket Storage

Ribbon Basket Storage

Here’s great way to keep your ribbons organized using a small plastic basket – the kind with holes in it. (Tutorial: Minimoz)

9. Makeup Drawer Cleanup

Makeup Drawer Cleanup

Need better organization for your makeup drawer? A few wire mesh containers and some velcro will do the trick. (Tutorial: Tatertots & Jello)

10. Organize Under the Sink

Organize Under the Sink

Use command hooks to hang up plastic basket. Affix it to the inside of the cabinet for holding sponges and other cleaning supplies. Great solution for organizing the clutter under your kitchen sink. (From: I Heart Organizing)

11. Hanging Laundry Baskets

Hanging Laundry Baskets

Hang laundry baskets on the wall and label them. It will help you keep your loads sorted and will save space and time when it comes to washing clothes. (Tutorial: Home Madeville)

12. Organize Your Scarves

Organize Your Scarves

Use dollar store shower rings hung on hangers. (Via From the Desk)

13. Storage For “Transient” Items

Storage For Transient Items

Simple cardboard boxes are perfect for organizing just about anything. (From: The Red Chair Blog)

14. More Shower Storage

Add a Second Shower Rod for Extra Bathroom Storage

Need somewhere to hang shampoo, soap, and other shower items? Add a second shower rod for extra bathroom storage. (From: Life Hacker)

15. Organize with a Binder

Organize with a Binder

Hooks that come inside the binder, is a great idea for organizing hair stuff, jewelry, or makeup inside the bathroom cabinet. (Tutorial: Dollar Design Diva)

16. Dollar Store Jewelry Organizer

Dollar Store Jewelry Organizer

If you want to organize jewelry in a very effective way, accordion hooks can be a great choice. (From: Adorable Antics)

17. Ice-Cube Tray as Jewelry Storage

Ice-Cube Tray as Jewelry Storage

Your jewelry can be stored also in ice cube trays, which are very inexpensive. (From: Popsugar)

18. Shower Curtain Rings for Storing Ponytail Holders

Shower Curtain Rings for Storing Ponytail Holders

Store your hair clips, headbands, elastics, bows using shower curtain rings. (From: Shady Tree Diary)

19. Colorful Jewelry Organizers from Silverware Trays

Colorful Jewelry Organizers from Silverware Trays

Another great jewelry organizer for your daughter’s room. Just mount 2 or 3 silverware trays on the wall. It will help your child keep her jewelry neat and organized all the time. (Full tutorial: Tertots & Jello)

20. Keep Christmas Ornaments Safe with Red Plastic Cup

Keep Christmas Ornaments Safe with Red Plastic Cup

Keep Christmas decorations safe and organized by using cardboard and red plastic cups. (From: Mom’s Party Cafe)

21. Fabric Drawer Organizers

Fabric drawer organizers

Fabric organizers can hold a ton of stuff! Look how all those little items are nice and organized and easy to find. (From: My So-Called Home)

22. Toothbrush Organizer

Toothbrush Organizer from a Silverware Holder

Make a really useful toothbrush organizer from a silverware organizer. (From: Cinnaberry Suite)

23. Popcorn Box Organizers

Popcorn Box Organizers

Plastic popcorn boxes are really cute and can be used for a number of organizing projects. By using ribbon you can hang them anywhere so you have organization wherever you need it. (From: Mel Stampz)

24. Buckets for Craft Organization

Buckets for Craft Organization

Use small buckets to store pencils, crayons and other craft related items. (From: There Was a Crooked House)

25. Spice Rack Nail Polish Organizer

Spice Rack Nail Polish Organizer

Here’s a great organization idea for all of your favorite polishes using cheap metal spice rack. (From: Liz Marie Blog)

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