20 Cheap & Easy DIY Christmas Decorations

Let’s begin preparation for the Christmas Holidays!

If you want to create some unique Christmas decorations of your own or with your family, here you will find 20 simple and affordable DIY Christmas decorations using supplies you have around your home, or supplies you can purchase very cheaply online or at local store!

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1. Driftwood Christmas Tree

Driftwood Christmas Tree

Make this non-traditional tree using pieces of driftwood. Its sure to make a statement this Christmas! (Tutorial: Threadbare Cloak)

2. Paper Snowflake

paper snowflake

Create these simple yet beautiful, three-dimensional paper snowflakes. (Tutorial: Elli.com)

3. Mason Jar Snow Globe

mason jar snow globe

Turn a few of your mason jars into snow globes for Christmas! (Tutorial: Julie Ann Art)

4. 3D Paper Star

3d Paper Star

Make this cool 3D paper star with just a few folds and some glue. Ideal for tree toppers, ornaments and shelf decor! (Tutorial: Craftaphile)

5. Bottle Cap Snowman Ornaments

Bottle Cap Snowman Ornaments

Easy, adorable and ridiculously cheap to make. (Tutorial: One Artsy Mama)

6. Mosaic Ornaments from CDs

Mosaic Ornaments from CDs

Make some sparkly ornaments from something that we all have tons of at home: CDs! (Tutorial: Creme de la Craft)

7. Christmas Tree Ornament Mobile

Christmas tree ornament mobile

Create this amazing Christmas tree mobile with ornaments suspended on clear threads. (Tutorial: Not Martha)

8. A Snow-Inspired Centerpiece

Snowy Christmas Display

I love everything about it! It’s so pretty, looks like snow and reuses wine bottles. (Tutorial: Cleverly Inspired)

9. Plastic Cup Snowman

Plastic Cup Snowman

Build yourself a fun snowman that will never melt! (Image via: La Factoria Plastica, Video tutorial here)

10. Beautiful Sparkleballs

Beautiful Sparkleballs

These beautiful sparkleballs are basically made out of plastic cups and Christmas lights. (Tutorial: deMilked)

11. Tin Can Snowman

Tin Can Snowman

Another cute snowman this time made out of tin cans! (Tutorial: SYTYC)

12. Iced Branches

Iced Branches

Make your own iced branches for displays and decorations with Colorfill vase filler diamonds. (Tutorial: Make Them Wonder)

13. Mini Christmas Tree Ornaments

mini christmas tree ornaments

Create mini christmas tree ornaments using your favorite vintage paper. (Tutorial: The Sweetest Occasion)

14. Sparkly Ornament Wreath

sparkly ornament wreath

Add some sparkle to your Christmas decor with an ornament wreath! (Tutorial: A Pretty Life in the Suburbs)

15. Santa Hat Chair Covers

santa hat chair covers

Create these whimsical Santa Hat Chair Covers. SO cute and festive! (Tutorial: Make Itand Love It)

16. Wire Trees

wire trees

Make some tiny and cute Christmas trees out of wire in a couple of minutes. (Tutorial: Morning Creativity)

17. Ping Pong Ball Lights

Ping Pong Ball Lights

Turn regular string lights into something a little more using ping pong balls! (Tutorial: The Surznick Common Room)

18. Christmas Elf on the Shelf

christmas elf on the shelf

Create adorable Christmas Elf Buddy that would look lovely on a mantle and make a fantastic gift. (Tutorial: Pillar Box Blue)

19. Wood Slice Christmas Trees

wood slice christmas trees

These pretty mini Christmas trees made out of wood slices & grosgrain ribbon makes a great ornaments! (Tutorial: SDblog)

20. Paper Icicles

Paper Icicles

Create these easy and cheap paper icicles for holiday ceiling decoration! (Tutorial: Instructables)

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