20 Genius Ideas For Turning Trash Into Treasure

We all have a lot old items that we no longer use, and only take place in the basement or the garage. But rather than throw them away with a little skill and effort we can turn old stuff into something new and useful for our home.

20 Genius Ideas For Turning Trash Into Treasure

Here are a great list of 20┬ábest transformations of things that some people would regard as “trash”, but with a bit of creativity each thing has become a treasure! The following ideas that we’ve gathered are pretty ingenious and practical, and some of them you could have never seen before.

1. Light Bulb Oil Lamp

Light Bulb Oil Lamp

Transform old light bulbs into incredible oil lamps. They make great home decor, or emergency lights. (Tutorial: Instructables)

2. Old Magazines

Old Magazines

Don’t throw away your old newspapers. Turn them into pretty useful little bowls. (Tutorial: The Gilded Hare)

3. Film Roll Candle Ring

Film Roll Candle Ring

This is such a great and adorable idea for using up your old film negatives. (Via Know and Tell Crafts)

4. Key Wind Chime

Key Wind Chime

If you have some lonely abandoned keys in your drawer, use them to make cute wind chime. (Tutorial: Inner Child Fun)

5. Stylish Jewelry Storage

Stylish Jewelry Storage

This is a cool idea of using odd tea-cups to store your jewelry in a stylish way. (Via Martha Stewart)

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