20 Best Ways to Repurpose Old Cribs

Wondering what to do with the old baby crib? If your little one has outgrown their crib, and you are searching for something creative to do with it, there are numerous ways to reuse your old crib and turn it into a fun and functional furniture piece, or organizing solutions your whole family can enjoy.

From kid’s desk and magazine rack to porch seat and herb garden, we collected 20 best ways to repurpose old cribs into cool furniture and home decor just for you. See it below and enjoy!

20 Best Ways to Repurpose Old Cribs

1. Picnic Wagon

Picnic Wagon

So adorable! Perfect to haul kids to the park for a picnic. (Tutorial: Tidbits)

2. Kids Desk

Create a Child's Workstation

Create this cool kids activity desk using an old cot, particleboard, and chalkboard paint. (Tutorial: A Little Learning for Two)

3. Reading Nook

Reading Nook

Turn an old crib into a cute little reading nook for your kids. (Photo via Flickr)

4. Crib to Chalkboard Easel

Crib to Chalkboard Easel

Repurposed old crib as a chalkboard easel. Brilliant! (Tutorial: The Red Kitchen)

5. Turn a Crib into a Bench

Turn a Crib into a Bench

Ever thought that an old crib can be turned into a bench? This looks so classy and expensive! (Tutorial: A Diamond in the Stuff)

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