17 Privacy Screen Ideas That’ll Keep Your Neighbors From Snooping

You’re avoiding your backyard because you feel there is very little privacy and you are worried your neighbours can see every move and hear every conversation?

No matter how proud you’re of your backyard and how much you would like to show it to all of the world, we all need a little space that will provide us some privacy when needed. We have searched the web for a variety of resourceful ways you can shield your backyard from the prying eyes of your neighbours who live nearby, or anybody else who might be passing by.

Whether you have a tiny or large budget, you can get creative with these privacy screen ideas and make your space feel more intimate.

17 Privacy Screen Ideas That'll Keep Your Neighbors From Snooping

1. Tiered Hanging Vines

Tiered Hanging Vines

Add privacy and shade to your balcony by plant fast growing vines in pots. (via Experiments with Green Things)

2. Wattle Privacy Screen

Wattle Privacy Screen

The biggest advantage of this privacy screen is that it can be easily moved around the yard. It can be made of a variety of twigs, reeds, or branches you find outdoors. (via Apartment Therapy)

3. Bamboo Privacy Screen

Bamboo Privacy Screen

Aren’t they unique? Make your deck look stunning by making this bamboo privacy screen which is easy and budget-friendly. (via Christinas Adventures)

4. Outdoor Privacy Curtains

Outdoor Privacy Curtains

This cute patio decor makes adding outdoor privacy easy, and shade just when you need it. (via The Project Addict)

5. Garden Wall

Garden Wall

This idea not only serves the purpose of creating privacy, but additionally gives you more room to grow an herb garden by utilizing vertical space. (via Dirt Simple)

6. Wood Lattice Privacy Wall

Wood Lattice Privacy Wall

Give your patio more privacy with 2 panels of lattice and some flower pots. (via Checking in with Chelsea)

7. Repurposed Shutter Screen

Repurposed Shutter Screen

Use a stack of old shutters to add more privacy to your outdoor oasis. (via Cottage in the Oaks)

8. The Tin Accent Wall

The Tin Accent Wall

Add a square of tin to the wall, to create an outdoor accent and dress up the space. It adds a lot of personality. (via Crafty Texas Girls)

9. Tall Garden Pots

Tall Garden Pots

Use large galvanized metal tubs to plant tall grass or bamboo to create privacy screen in yard. (via Dave’s Garden)

10. Repurposed Doors

Repurposed Doors

Why not use old doors as a privacy screen for your yard? (via Redoux Interiors)

11. Slat Screen

Slat Screen

Simple and elegant. Great impact and fits perfectly within the minimalist house design. (via The Brick House)

12. Garden Slat Wall

Garden Slat Wall

This is great in so many ways. Especially for people who live so close to their neighbors. (via Design Dining + Diapers)

13. A Four-panel Screen Lined with Thick Mesh Fabric

A Four-panel Screen Lined with Thick Mesh Fabric

This is an easy to make privacy screen which consists of a wooden frame and fabric screen material. (via DIY Network)

14. Privacy Wall With Fence Panels

Privacy Wall With Fence Panels

Build these decorative panels using deck planks and lattice work. (via HGTV)

15. Bottle Wall

Bottle Wall

Use wine bottles as unusual privacy screen. (via Pasadena Adjacent

16. Upcycle Denim Jeans

upcycle denim jeans

Place a bag inside each leg and then fill it up with some soil and plants. Attach them to something sturdy, such as a fence. (via Upcycled Garden Style)

17. Wood and Aluminum Privacy Screens

Wood and Aluminum Privacy Screens

The aluminum panels woven through these wooden screens add modern flair to the areas of your backyard. (via Lowes)

8 thoughts on “17 Privacy Screen Ideas That’ll Keep Your Neighbors From Snooping

  1. Thanks for the great ideas for privacy screens. My wife and I just moved into our house and we are looking for some ideas for the back patio area, including some privacy. I really like the outdoor privacy curtain idea; would these do okay in a rain storm? Thanks for the ideas!

    1. I used cloth shower curtains. Easy to throw in the washer and rehang. Less mildew build up vs using regular material.

  2. I loved seeing the wattle privacy screen you featured here! I can definitely imagine how nice it would be to have a privacy screen that was easily transportable like that. I would imagine that whether it be a screen like that or a more permanent installation though, you would want to be sure that it was well constructed so it would serve it’s purpose and hold up over time. i would probably hire a professional to build the screen once I knew which kind I wanted.

  3. I loved these ideas, I can’t afford a privacy fence at the moment. I like the lattice and shower curtain ideas.

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