17 Lovely Mosaic Projects For Your Garden

Want to beautify your garden? Make something with mosaic!

Mosaic is a technique of decorative art, created of small pieces of colored glass, stone and other materials. Attractive and colorful mosaics can be installed on table tops, garden pot planters, birdbaths and more. In today’s post we collected 17 DIY mosaic projects, that will brighten up your garden every day of the year.

17 Lovely Mosaic Projects For Your Garden

1. Mosaic Birdbath

Mosaic Birdbath

This mosaic birdbath is made from recycled DVDs. Perfect for attracting bathing birds. (Tutorial: Me and My DIY)

2. Pink Mosaic Flamingo

Pink Mosaic Flamingo

You can purchase some cheap plastic flamingos at Dollar Tree and make a mosaic sculpture of it. For this project you can simply use ordinary tile adhesive to attach the pink stained glass tile. (Tutorial: Lucy Designs)

3. Pebble Mosaic Stepping Stone

Pebble Mosaic Stepping Stone

Make beautiful stepping stones that will give your garden or walkway a unique and unexpected focal point. (Tutorial: Jeffrey Gardens)

4. Flower Pots with Mosaic Tiles

Flower Pots with Mosaic Tiles

Take an ordinary flower pot and give it an attractive new look. (Tutorial: Birds & blooms)

5. Mosaic Tile Planter

Mosaic Tile Planter

The tile adds so much to the planter – from plain to fantastic! (Tutorial: Centsational Girl)

6. Mosaic Tree Trunks

mosaic tree trunks

Have some old tree trunks laying around? Add some tiles to the tops to make lovely mosaics. They can be used as outdoor seating, or decoration for your garden. (Found on Pinterest)

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