16 Amazing DIY Ideas to Spruce Up Your Garden

7. Blank Wall Art

Blank Wall Art

Fill a blank space on your wall with this clever garden wall art. Via A Collection of Photos

8. Breathtaking China Totem

Breathtaking China Totem

Use your old china to create a complete work of art. This china totem look so gorgeous anywhere. Photo via Photobucket

9. Concrete Hand Planters

Concrete Hand Planters

Plant your succulents in a unique hand shaped holder. Such a creative idea! Get the tutorial at DIY Fun Ideas

10. Grass Caterpillars

Grass Caterpillars

This is so stinking cute! Read more about this fun critters at Red Ted Art

11. Potted Flowers in a Frame

Potted Flowers in a Frame

What a neat way to display pots! Even provides a bit more privacy. Get the tutorial at Organized Clutter

4 thoughts on “16 Amazing DIY Ideas to Spruce Up Your Garden

  1. we own a small olive farm halfway up a valley in the mountains of Cataluña in the middle of a forest in a Park Natural and it is a constant battle between garden and forest. I really like your teapot idea and will try making it but I have one really big problem which neither of us can solve. Because it gets so hot up here in summer Michael made a water tank for the birds water bar but one water dish was not enough so this year I have decided to upgrade it to a cascading waterbar, and therein lies the problem. Where we have placed it under the olive tree there is enough room for the two dishes to be on different levels but how to get the water to act like a fountain has me beaten, have you any ideas on how to do this without costing a fortune? we have plenty of sun here most of the year.

  2. What a lovely idea. I too will try it in the garden. Love to encourage wild life. Think you may need a pump I’m not very gadget minded. Let us all know how you get on. Best Wishes. Anne

  3. Our garden can be significantly transformed with the help of such original things. The implementation of these ideas will help to create many decorative elements.

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