16 Amazing DIY Garden Paths And Walkways

12. Cake Pan Stepping Stones

Cake Pan Stepping Stones

Dress up your garden path creating perfectly round stepping stones using non-stick cake pan! (Tutorial: Intimate Weddings)

13. Button Stepping Stones

Button Stepping Stones

Make these big cement button stepping stones to add whimsey to your garden path. (Tutorial: Mark Montano)

14. Cinder Block Steps Stairs

Cinder Block Steps Stairs

Use cinder blocks to create inexpensive steps for your garden path. (Tutorial: The Figure 5)

15. Upcycle Bottle Cap For Walkway

walkway made with plastic bottles caps

Create colorful and unusual garden walkway with plastic bottles caps. (Source not found)

16. Glass Bottle Pathway

Glass Bottle Pathway

Another an affordable and earth-friendly way of making a pathway is the use of bottles. (Via Gardenweb)

1 thought on “16 Amazing DIY Garden Paths And Walkways

  1. Love these ideas. My pathway has a slight slope to it. How would these ideas work on a sloped pathway?

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