15 Genius Ways to Repurpose Old Bicycle Wheels

Have you ever wondered about what you can do with old bicycle wheels? Today, we would like to share with you some amazing ideas to transform your old bicycle wheels into something useful and decorative for your home and garden.

15 Genius Ways to Repurpose Old Bicycle Wheels

For the garden you can use bicycle wheels to hang the plants on it, or just put it as a decoration. For your home you can make from them a chandelier or coffee table. Check out all the ideas below and don’t forget to tell us which one you like the most!

1. Trellis for Your Garden

Trellis for Your Garden

Use bicycle rims, twine and a bit of conduit to make this functional and wonderful trellis to support pea plants. (Tutorial: Suited To The Seasons)

2. Use an Old Bicycle Wheel As a Wreath

Metal Flower Bicycle Wheel Wreath

Create your own adorable wreath for your backyard with an old bicycle wheel and cut-up soda cans. (Tutorial: Create Craft Love)

3. Bicycle Wheel Clothesline

Bicycle Wheel Clothesline

Let nature dry your clothes for you! It’s perfect for smaller spaces and you gotta admit… it’s pretty cool to look at. Works great for small items such as dish cloths, etc. (Tutorial: Borganic)

4. Bicycle Wheel Pot Rack

bicycle wheel pot rack

Take your bicycle wheel into the kitchen to hang up your pans and pots. (Via Fort House Rehab)

5. Bicycle Wheel Chandelier

bicycle wheel chandelier

If you like vintage home decor, you probably would love this chandelier! (Tutorial: Black Oak Vintage)

6. Bicycle Tire Mirror Frame

Bicycle Tire Mirror Frame

The bike wheel, either with or without the tire, looks great accompanied by a mirror inside. (Via HomeWorkshop)

7. The Bike Rim Coffee Table

The bike rim coffee table

This coffee table will easily become the centerpiece of your living room. (Via Goods Home Design)

8. Old Bicycle Wheel Picture Frame

Old Bicycle Wheel Picture Frame

Here is a great decor idea which can be used in living room to display your photos. (Via Just Imagine-ddoc)

9. Bicycle Wheel Clock

Old Bicycle wheel clock

An old bicycle rim is a great base for a clock. (Tutorial: Thistlewood Farms)

10. Wheel and Wine Bottle Garden Art

Wheel and Wine Bottle Garden Art

(Tutorial: From The Alley To The Gallery)

11. Bicycle Wheel Fence

Bicycle Wheel Fence

You can also make very creative fence by using old, unwanted bike wheels. (Photo via Flickr)

12. Stained Glass Spinner

Stained Glass Spinner

(Tutorial: Flea Market Gardening)

13. Old Bicycle Wheels As Wall Art

Old Bicycle Wheels As Wall Art

Paint one bicycle wheel a different color and hang several in a group for a gorgeous wall display. (Via Real Life, One Day at a Time)

14. Clothes Hanger

clothes hanger

This clothes hanger will keep your clothes in their best condition and will make your daily life easier. (Via Green Diary)

15. Bicycle Wheel Chalkboard Calendar

Bicycle Wheel Chalkboard Calendar

Keep track of your weekly activities with this stunning bicycle wheel chalkboard calendar. (Tutorial: Thistlewood Farms)

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