15 Easy & Cheap Organizing Ideas

I’m always looking for quick and easy organization ideas. I like when every little thing has its own place, out of the way and easy to find. Organization doesn’t have to be difficult, neither does it have to be expensive. There are numerous clever ways which can help you to be more organized. I’ve compiled a list of 15 easy & cheap organizing ideas that will get your clutter under control.

1. Organize Your Cords Using Toilet Paper Rolls

Organize Your Cords Using Toilet Paper Rolls

You can decorate them with washi tape to make them more beautiful. Via Our Thrifty Ideas

2. Use Magnetic Strips to Organize Your Bobby Pins

Use Magnetic Strips to Organize Your Bobby Pins

Put magnetic strips to the inside of a medicine cabinet and store all of your bobby pins, nail clippers and tweezers. Maybe it’s not look nice, but It’s highly functional. Via Super Woman

3. Use a Shoe Organizer

Use a Shoe Organizer

Budget-friendly way to organize all kind of; accessories, odds and ends, bathroom items, make up, and even in the kitchen pantry. Via The Italian Momma

4. Create a Mason Jar Organizer

Mason Jar Organizer

If You need some extra storage in your small bathroom consider making this great organizer. The dark wood contrasting with the shiny glass looks so pretty! Get the tutorial at The DIY Playbook

5. Over The Door Organizer

Over The Door Organizer

Utilize the back of the door by hanging the rack to store different kinds of detergents. Via My Sweet Savannah

6. Sort Your Clothes

Sort Your Dirty Clothes

Keep clothes tidy in attractive containers. Labels can help achieve that goal. You can make your own labels using scrapbooking supplies. Via Family Brings Joy

7. Use a Wire Shelf to Organize Rolls of Wrapping Paper

Use a wire shelf to organize rolls of wrapping paper

Here is a great way to keep the rolls neatly organized and easy to reach. Via Family Handyman

8. Rolling Book Basket

Rolling Book Basket

Attach a board and wheels to the bottom of a wire basket and you have a rolling storage cart. Get full instructions at Just the Bee’s Knees

9. Add a Second Clothing Bar to Your Closet

Add a Second Clothing Bar to Your Closet

Great solutions for small apartments or for those who have little kids that can’t quite reach the top bar. More details at Alex Haralson

10. Install a Toiletry Shelf

Install a Toiletry Shelf

Shelf above the door can be a great way to add extra bathroom storage for supplies. Via Martha Stewart

11. Budget-Friendly Drawer Dividers

Budget-Friendly Drawer Dividers

Repurpose egg carton to organize small items such as rubber bands, pencils, paper clips, tacks and keys. Via BHG

12. File Box Appliance Storage

File Box Appliance Storage

Attach a file box to the side of a counter for easy access, yet still out of the way and aesthetically pleasing. More details: Dream Green DIY

13. Use Magazine Holder To Store Kitchen Supplies

Use Magazine Holder To Store Kitchen Supplies

Store your kitchen essentials vertically in a magazine holder to make more room in your closet and make them easy to access. Via Chica and Jo

14. Wine Box Shoe Storage

Wine Box Shoe Storage

Use a few wine case boxes to store small sandals and shoes! Via A Law Student’s Journey

15. Organize Your Outfits Using Soda Pop Tabs

Organize your outfits using soda pop tabs

This absolutely works when you want pairs to go together without causing much mess. Via Idea Bottle

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