15 Cheap & Easy DIY Greenhouse Projects

The purpose of greenhouse is protect your seedlings and growing plants from cold and critters. Adjusting the temperature, humidity, soil moisture and light is easy in a greenhouse and keeps the plants happy and productive. However, a commercial greenhouse can be expensive to buy, but there are many DIY greenhouse ideas that you can use to construct one easily and on a budget.

15 Cheap & Easy DIY Greenhouse Projects

Regardless if you are looking for something more traditional or more trendy, here is a list of amazing DIY greenhouse ideas that might inspire you.

1. Mini Box Greenhouse

Mini Box Greenhouse

This DIY Mini Box greenhouse is made from old storm windows. Perfect for those who don’t have a lot of space to loose. (DIY instructions: DesignDreams by Anne)

2. Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

Want to save the earth? Build a frugal greenhouse with empty plastic bottles which works as well as any other. (DIY instructions: HubPages)

3. $25 Greenhouse

5 x 5 Home Greenhouse

Build an easy 5×5 Greenhouse for under $25! This is a perfect solution for keeping your plants warm for the winter. (DIY instructions: Instructables)

4. Barn Greenhouse

Barn Greenhouse

This wooden barn greenhouse would hold up very well even where it get really windy in the winter, and create the ideal atmosphere to grow everything and anything. (DIY instructions: Ana White)

5. Countertop Greenhouse

Countertop Greenhouse

This construction takes up small space and could be used indoors or out for any plants. (DIY instructions: Instructables)

7 thoughts on “15 Cheap & Easy DIY Greenhouse Projects

  1. This is great. I’ve been looking everywhere for a pvc pipe greenhouse. It’s exactly what I need. Thank you. 😊🌱🍓

  2. I love these ideas and they are not too expensive. And they have the material list with such easy to follow. Thanks. really great.

  3. Great ideas.the second one use plastic bottle is the best and save a lot of money .thanks for sharing the detail step by step.

  4. I built a pvc greenhouse last year and am planning to expand it this year. The starter plant were very hardy when it came time to plant in May.

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