15 Awesome DIY Projects To Cut Clutter in Your Home

6. Sofa Organiser

Sofa Organiser

Here’s a simple project to keep the remote control, a TV guide, a book and your glasses at hand when sitting on the sofa. (Tutorial: Art Gallery Fabrics)

7. Wall Mounted Lint Catcher

Wall Mounted Lint Catcher

Mount a painted plastic bin to the wall in your laundry room and use it as a mini trash can for lint. (Tutorial: Polished Habitat)

8. Gift Wrap Organization Station

Gift Wrap Organization Station

Create a functional and beautiful wrapping station that you can use all year long! (Tutorial: I Heart Organizing)

9. Wire Laundry Hamper

Wire Laundry Hamper

Create this rustic hamper from a few basic hardware store supplies. Storage made simple! (Tutorial: The Merrythought)

10. Organize Your Cords

Organize Your Cords

Keep your cables well-organized using toilet paper rolls. (Via Our Thrifty Ideas)

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