10 Gorgeous Ideas For Bed Frames That You Can DIY

An essential piece of furniture in every bedroom is a good bed. Unfortunately, big and beautiful beds can be very expensive. How about making your own bed frame?

10 Gorgeous Ideas For Bed Frames That You Can DIY

We searched the internet to find the most interesting DIY bed frames that can be great alternative to commercial and expensive bed frames. The best thing about making your own bed frame is that you can customize it your liking and needs. Here are 10 “dreamy” and easy DIY designs.

1. Floating Platform Bed

Floating Bed

Want a bed that look like its floating above the floor? This one is awesome! You can also put lights under the bed to add more effects on the floating illusion. Get the tutorial at Instructables

2. Pallet Bed Frame

Pallet Bed Frame

The pallet bed is ideal element for creating a cool and industrial setting in the bedroom. The pallet bed frame is really easy to make, so it can be a perfect project for novice DIYers. For the step-by-step instructions visit Santiago DIY

And here are a few other ideas for bed frames made of recycled pallets:

Wooden pallet bed frame

Wooden pallet bed frame for your bedroom

creative pallet bed frame

Via Upcycled Wonders

3. Pottery Barn Farmhouse Bed

Pottery Barn Farmhouse Bed

This bed from Pottery Barn cost over $1,600.. But you can build them yourself for around $250! Get the instructions at DIYstinctly Made

4. Storage Bed

Storage Bed

Here is a great bed design for a small home that provide extra storage. Ideal to store beddings, clothes, books, toys and other items. Get full instructions at Rachael and Brad Huntsman

5. Elegant And Simple King-size Bed Frame

Elegant And Simple King-size Bed Frame

I love this bed since it is simple enough to be used in any style. You can also add a headboard if you want. Check out the plans and dimensions at Something Is Done

6. Modern Pipe Bed Frame

Pipe Bed Frame

Create this stunning bed frame out of pipes! I am in love with this modern industrial look. Get the instructions at Simplified Building

7. Log Bed Frame

Log Bed Frame

If you want to create a rustic bedroom build your own log bed frame using some basic tools and logs. Get full instructions at Instructables

8. Concrete Block Bed Frame

Concrete Block Bed Frame

Making bed frame from concrete blocks provides endless opportunities for storage. You can paint blocks for your chosen color or leave them bare for a super industrial look. More details: Improvised Life

9. Simple Bed Frame

Simple Bed Frame

The bed on the floor with a simple white duvet looked modern and clean. Get the tutorial at The Merrythought

10. Pottery Barn Stratton Bed

Pottery Barn Stratton Bed

This Pottery Barn Stratton Bed has a compact profile and large storage options, making it ideal for small spaces. Get the instructions at Bohemian Junktion

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  1. I absolutely love the pallet bed frames, specially the one that has a surrounding platform. I wonder if you would scrape your feet and legs a lot though. It would look so beautiful with a coat or two of paint on it too!

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