10 DIY Lunch Boxes and Bags

Need a cheap reusable lunch or snack container? We’ve rounded up 10 cute DIY lunch boxes and bags that are perfectly suited for both kids and adults. These cute lunch containers will definitely add a special touch to any meal.

10 DIY Lunch Boxes and Bags

1. Lunchbox Container from a Milk Jug

Lunchbox Container from a Milk Jug

Repurpose a milk jug into a lunch container to keep your sandwiches and snacks fresh and safe. (Tutorial: Creme de la Craft)

2. Decoupage Lunch Box

Decoupage Lunch Box

Get a metal dome-shaped lunch box and give it some decoupage love. (Tutorial: Damask Love)

3. Plarn Lunch Tote

Plarn Lunch Tote

Turn your plastic grocery bags into yarn and crochet a durable lunch tote. (Tutorial: ReFab Diaries)

4. Leather Lunch Bag

leather lunch bag

Make your own simple and stylish leather lunch bag. Great for adults and trendy teens alike. (Tutorial: Project 22)

5. Leather and Wood Lunchbox

Leather and Wood Lunchbox

Create a stylish, functional leather and wood lunchbox with this detailed tutorial from Mr. Lentz

6. Lunch Bag With a Drawstring Top

Lunch bag with a drawstring top

Sew a lunch bag with a drawstring top. The cover prevent the contents from falling out. (Tutorial: Craft Passion)

7. Canvas & Leather Lunch Bag

Canvas & Leather Lunch Bag

Make a reusable lunch bag out of waterproof canvas and leather. (Tutorial: Pretty Prudent)

8. Modern Lunch Bag

Modern Lunch Bag

Make a lunch bag from faux leather and plastic! Find out how at Inspire Me

9. Picnic Basket

Picnic Basket

Here is amazing basket for you, with an integrated landscape! (Tutorial: Design Sponge)

10. Lunch Box from a Mint Tin

Lunch Box from a Mint Tin

Make a fun lunch box using empty mint tin and some colored duct tape. (Tutorial: Inner Child Fun)

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