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9 Amazing Decoration Ideas Using Wine Glasses

You’ll never look at a wine glass the same way again.

9 Amazing Decoration Ideas Using Wine Glasses

We all have wine glasses in our homes. But did you know that something as simple as wine glasses can be turned into cute crafts and decorations? You can create lamps, decorative vases, and even bird feeders from wine glasses! We’ve gathered 9 great wine glass crafts that are fun, easy to make, and make great gifts too!

1. Wine Glass Terrariums

Wine Glass Terrariums

A simple and low maintenance way to add some greenery to your space! (Tutorial via Tattooed Martha)

2. Wine Glass Lamps

Wine Glass Lamps

Add a real touch of elegance and ambiance to the table by turning simple wine glasses into gorgeous DIY lamps. (Tutorial via NewEnglandFineLiving)

3. Topiary Trees

Topiary Trees

Make these clever topiary trees from paper cones and wine glasses. (Tutorial via Rosyscription)

4. Cake Stand

Cake Stand

Glue a plate to a wine glass to make a cake stand. (Tutorial via 11Cupcakes)

5. Wine Glass Chandelier

Wine Glass Chandelier

This stunning chandelier made out of upside down wine glasses is perfect for adding that extra something to any kitchen or dining room. (Tutorial via Marc and Mandy Show)

6. Wine Glass Candle Holder

Wine Glass Candle Holder

The perfect addition to your holiday decor is this super cute DIY Christmas Wine Glass Candle Holder idea! (Tutorial via Popsugar)

7. Tea Light Candle Centerpiece With Seashells

Tea Light Candle Centerpiece With Seashells

Turn collected seashells into this gorgeous centerpiece that is perfect for gracing the table during the summer months. (Tutorial via Craft Ideas)

8. Wine Glass Bird Feeder

This beautiful bird feeder is not only decorative, but highly durable and functional. Use E6000 glue to hold the glasses together. (Photo: Dishfunctional Designs)

9. Wine Glasses As Vases

Wine Glasses As Vases

You can use these vases as party decorations and centerpieces or as home decor. (Photo: Budget Brides Guide)

Which of these crafts will you be doing next weekend?

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