15 Unique Christmas Decorations to WOW Your Family and Friends

Are you bored with your store bought Christmas decorations? Looking for decor ideas for your home that are unique, personalized and the most importantly really special and one-of-a-kind? If you have a passion for DIY projects and you want to express it these upcoming holidays, here you will find awesome ideas to create unique Christmas decorations without breaking the bank.

15 Unique Christmas Decorations to WOW Your Family and Friends

1. Ornament Wall Confetti

ornament wall confetti

Give your walls some love with this DIY ornament confetti! (Tutorial: The Crafted Life)

2. Giant Christmas Wreath

giant christmas wreath

Can you guess what the base of this DIY holiday wreath is? It’s a hula hoop! (Tutorial: Homemade Ginger)

3. Wine Bottle Christmas Lights

wine bottle christmas lights

Put Christmas lights in a wine bottle and use it as festive decor around the holidays. (Tutorial: eHow.com)

4. Twinkle Light Canvas

twinkle light canvas

Create this beautiful twinkle light ‘Merry & Bright’ canvas art to add to your Christmas decor. (Tutorial: A Pumpkin and a Princess)

5. Felt Christmas Tree Ornament

felt christmas tree ornament

Make this adorable Christmas tree ornament with just pieces of felt. It will look so festive up on your tree. (Tutorial: Hello, Wonderful)

5 thoughts on “15 Unique Christmas Decorations to WOW Your Family and Friends

  1. I think that the wine bottle Christmas lights are unique! I have never seen those in anyone’s house. This year our annual family Christmas party is going to be at our house. These would look great as the centerpieces!

  2. I like how this post has some really unique Christmas decorations and ornaments. The felt Christmas tree ornament is really cute. That would look nice with some of my other ornaments this year. I’ve never thought to put Christmas lights in wine bottles before. I can imagine that this would look really cool hanging on my tree with the right chord to securely attach it as an ornament. Maybe that would be possible with smaller lights in small bottles. That seems like an idea worth trying. Thanks for sharing this post!

  3. These are some great crafts for Christmas! !! I love them all and hope to make a few! Thanks for sharing each and every one of them!!

  4. I like the lights in the bottles. It is easy to do and it looks good. My idea is not quite that good. I was thinking of using some led balls or poi balls and putting a white cloth and wings on them. Then hang and light them and you have glowing angels.

  5. Some cool ideas here. I especially like the wine bottle lights. I’m going to do that with all the lights I can’t be bothered to untangle.

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