15 Amazing DIY Tree Branch Home Decor Ideas

If you love nature and the rustic style, then this post is for you! Here you will find some really original ideas on how you can decorate your home with tree branches.

You can find branches pretty much anywhere. If you live out in the countryside away from the city, this will be really easy for you. If not, you can ask for help from a friend or family member, or simply go for a walk through the city – you might find an interesting branch you can use.

 1   DIY Branch Handrail

Branch Handrail
Tutorial via The Merrythought

 2   Copper + Branch Floor Lamp

Branch Floor Lamp
Tutorial via Design Sponge

 3   Jewelry Organizer

Jewelry Organizer
Tutorial via The Refab Diaries

 4   Tree Branch Chandelier

Tree Branch Chandelier
Tutorial via Mama is Dreaming

 5   DIY Tree Art Sculpture

Tree Art Sculpture
Tutorial via Tomfo

 6   Rustic Tree Branch Desk

Rustic Tree  Branch Desk
Tutorial via Angela Marie Made

 7   Framed Tree Branch Wall Art

Framed Tree Branch Wall Art
Tutorial via Cleverly Inspired

 8   Easy Branches Photo Holder


 9   DIY Branch Wall Hanging

Branch Wall Hanging
Tutorial via Avery Street Design

 10   Rustic Wooden Blanket Ladder


 11   DIY Branch Shelves

Branch Shelves
Tutorial via BHG

 12   Tree Branch Curtain Rod


 13   DIY Branch Table

Branch Table
Tutorial via 100 Things 2 Do

 14   DIY Branch Vase

Branch Vase
Tutorial via The Honeycomb Home

 15   Tree Branch Bedroom Lighting

Tree Branch Bedroom Lighting
Tutorial via Tall Dork and Matching

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15 Amazing DIY Tree Branch Home Decor Ideas

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