15 Things You Can Make With Terra Cotta Pots

Today, I want to show you some fun and simple DIY projects using old clay pots. You probably have some pots on hand, and if not you can find them anywhere, any size and in a various of shapes. Crafting projects with clay pots is not only fun but inexpensive as well.

Check out these 15 creative ideas how to upcycle clay pots and turn them into eye-catching decorations for your home and garden.

15 Things You Can Make With Terra Cotta Pots

1. Bird Feeder

Flowerpot Bird-Feeder

Make your very own bird feeder. Perfect for your feathered friends and looks really cool in the garden! (Tutorial: The Garden-roof Coop)

2. Clay Pot Lighthouses

Clay Pot Lighthouses

This lighthouse is so cute, and so very easy to make just by stacking the pots upside-down. (Tutorial: Two Purple Couches)

3. A Terracotta Pot Table

A Terracotta Pot Table

Need a small but fun outdoor table for your patio? Make this table from a large terracotta pot and a tray. (Tutorial: Dukes and Duchesses)

4. Flower Pot Wreath

Flower Pot Wreath

Use leftover flower pots to make an easy wreath that will look great on the front door. (Tutorial: Confessions of a Plate Addict)

5. Bird Bath

Bird Bath

Use clay pots and a saucer to make a beautiful bird bath. (Tutorial: Tracy’s Trinkets and Treasures)

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