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10 Brilliant PVC Projects for Your Homestead

6. Hand-Held Corn & Bean Planter

Hand-Held Corn and Bean Planter
This DIY project is a wonderful way to save a lot of back pain by not having to bend over to plant seeds. (DIY instructions: Sensible Survival)

7. PVC Chicken Tractor

PVC Chicken Tractor

Build this portable chicken coop from PVC pipe that can be easily moved around the farm providing fresh ground and keep them protected from predators. (DIY instructions: Grit)

8. PVC Tool Holder

PVC Tool Holder

Make a PVC tool holder for both small and large tools and reclaim lost work space. (DIY instructions: Newly Woodwards)

9. PVC Milking Stand

PVC Milking Stand

If you milk goat isn’t all that cooperative, here is a goat milking stand you can build yourself for minimal expense that will hold her securely. (DIY instructions: Pholia Farm)

10. Raised Bed Cover

Raised Bed Cover

Protect your garden beds from wildlife predators by creating this raised bed cover using PVC pipes and plastic netting. (DIY instructions: Char’s Grdening)

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