Clever Ways to Organize Your Home Using Lazy Susans

There’s so many different types of organizing products out there, but the best one for me is definitely the lazy susan. They spin around and make finding what you need easy. They’re perfect for small spaces, cabinets, under cabinets, etc. Here are some clever ideas to organize your home using lazy susans.

Clever Ways to Organize Your Home Using Lazy Susans

1. DIY Lazy Susan Shoe Storage Rack

Lazy Susan Shoe Storage Rack

Keep your shoes neat, organized and in one place with this sturdy and useful rotating shoe rack with space for everything from sneakers to flats, heels and boots. (DIY tutorial at: All Day Chic)

2. Under-the-Sink Storage

Under-the-Sink Storage

Put lazy susan under the sink to organize your cleaning supplies. (DIY tutorial at: Organizing Made Fun)

3. Lazy Susan Bookcase

Lazy Susan Bookcase

Put a bookcase on a lazy susan pedestal to create a space saving storage system for the kids. (DIY tutorial at: Naughton Your Life)

4. Lazy Susan Pantry Storage

Lazy Susan Pantry Storage

Does your pantry need a makeover? Install lazy susan disks at the corners or in the middle or your pantry shelves. It’s not only looks great but it is highly practical as well. (DIY tutorial at: Decorchick)

5. Make a Rotating Craft Caddy Using PVC Pipes and a Lazy Susan

Rotating Craft Caddy

A rotating desk caddy makes finding your markers, pens and pencils easy! (DIY tutorial at: Reality Daydream)

6. Under Cabinet Utensil Holder

Under Cabinet Utensil Holder

Turn a lazy susan upside down, add some cup hooks and attach under a cabinet for kitchen utensils. (via Pinterest)

7. Lazy Susan Coffee Station

Lazy Susan Coffee Station

Keep coffee supplies handy and organized, yet super accessible with this lazy susan coffee station you can customize to fit your kitchen decor and style. (DIY tutorial at: Home Made Modern)

8. Organize Your Fridge With a Lazy Susan

Organize Your Fridge With a Lazy Susan

It really makes it so much easier to reach those items in the back. (via ‘A Casarella)

9. Lazy Susan Spice Rack

Lazy Susan Spice Rack

If you keep your spices on the kitchen counter, a lazy susan is a terrific option for you. (via Simplify101)

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