6 Ways to Water Your Plants While You’re Away

Going on vacation and don’t have anyone to look after your indoor pot plants? Here are 6 methods to keep your plants watered while you’re away. They also work great for the forgetful gardener.

Pebble Tray

Line the bottom of a shallow tray with small rocks or pebbles. Fill the tray with water so that it is almost to the top of the rocks. Place potted plants on top.

DIY Drip System

Rinse an empty wine bottle and fill it with water. Standing next to your planter, quickly turn the wine bottle upside down and insert the neck down into the soil beside the plant. Make sure the neck is at least several inches underground.

Damp Towel

Placing a damp towel underneath a pot with drainage holes will also help keep your plants fresh if you’re away for a week or more.

String Watering System

Fill a container with water, set it next to your plant and run a cotton string from the water to the plant soil. The string connecting the plant and the container full of water will continuously carry water to the roots of the plant.

Plastic Bag Greenhouse

Water your plant thoroughly and then cover with a clear plastic bag to just below the lip of the planter, creating a makeshift greenhouse. The greenhouse captures the evaporating water from your plant, leaving condensation in the bag, which then drips back onto the plant.

Damp Newspaper

For larger pot plants, place several layers of damp newspaper over the soil of the plant.

6 Ways to Water Your Plants While You’re Away

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