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10 Gorgeous Ways To Use Gabions in Your Garden

10 Gorgeous Ways To Use Gabions in Your Garden

Gabions are commonly used to stabilise embankments along roads and rivers, however, in recent years those wire cages filled with rock or stone have been utilised to enhance garden design and add a modern twist to outdoor spaces of all types and sizes. Ideas for use gabions in the garden are plenty. For example they can be used as garden furniture, tables, benches, fountains, flower beds or fencing.

Below is a list of the most spectacular gabion structors you may want to consider adding to your garden.

1. Garden Fence

garden fence

From: The Owner-Builder Network

2. Gabion Table

Gabion Table

Project details: A Piece of Rainbow

3. Gabion Bench

Gabion Bench

Project details: Thirteenvegetables

4. Gabion Planters

gabion planters

From: Flickr

5. Gabion Fire Pit

Gabion Fire Pit

Project details: Gardening Tips’n Ideas

6. Create Internal Yard Fencing

Create Internal Yard Fencing

From: Green Landscapes to Envy

7. Raised Gabion Pond

Raised Gabion Pond

From: Just Imagine

8. Gabion Herb Spiral

Gabion Herb Spiral

Project details: The Micro Gardener

9. Gabion Sculpture

Gabion sculpture

From: Flickr

10. Water Feature

Water feature

From: Flickr

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6 thoughts on “10 Gorgeous Ways To Use Gabions in Your Garden”

  1. Great ideas — I plan to use several of these ideas in my large “wagon wheel” herb garden…thanks much !

  2. That is a very interesting project and inexpensive, you just need rocks and time. well have to try it this spring! thank-you

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