17 Cheap and Easy DIY Garden Art Projects

You don’t need professional help or expensive pieces to make your garden look beautiful. There are many simple DIY garden projects that can make your outdoor space more attractive without breaking the bank. Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite garden art projects that are fun to make and will add a little texture and whimsy to your yard.

1. DIY Tea Pot Bird Bath

2. Outdoor Chandelier

Outdoor Chandelier
Tutorial: Sunset

3. DIY Bowl Mushrooms


4. Crystal Pouring Can


5. Waterdrop Solar Light

Waterdrop Solar Light
Tutorial: The Navagepatch

6. Wire Teacup Garden Stake

Wire Teacup Garden Stake
Tutorial: Oh My Creative

7. Dragonfly Garden Decor Using a Wire Whisk + Skewer


8. Tea Pot Fountain

Tea Pot Fountain
Tutorial: Hometalk

9. Silverware Wind Chime

Silverware Wind Chime
Tutorial: P&G Everyday

10. Bird Cage Planter

Bird Cage Planter
Tutorial: Rainy Side

11. Shovel Head Garden Art


12. Bottle Cap Flowers


13. Succulent Turtle


14. Flamingo Mosaic Garden Art

Flamingo Mosaic Garden Art
Tutorial: Lucy Designs

15. DIY Faux Gazing Balls

Faux Gazing Balls
Tutorial: Smart Fundiy

16. Clay Pot Lighthouse


17. Glass Globe Totem

Glass Globe Totem
Tutorial: Somewhat Quirky
17 Cheap and Easy DIY Garden Art Projects

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