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8 Gorgeous DIY Daybed Ideas For Your Home

For seating or for sleeping, a daybed is a great piece of multitasking furniture. It’s the perfect place for working, reading and relaxing as well. Don’t have one of your own yet? We’ve rounded up 8 creative ideas that show you how to make your very own daybed on a budget.

1. Daybed from Pallets

Pallet Daybed

Pallet furniture is a hot trend right now! So grab some old pallets and build this beautiful daybed. (DIY instructions: Ashley Ann Photography)

2. Built-in Corner Daybed

Built-in Corner Daybed

Corner daybed is a great option for a tight space with an unused corner. (DIY instructions: Apprentice Extrovert)

3. Plywood Daybed

Plywood Daybed

A cozy reading space by day, a comfy bed at night. (DIY instructions: The Merrythought)

4. Hanging Daybed Swing

Hanging Daybed Swing

The hanging daybed is just what your porch has been waiting for. (DIY instructions: Jordan Valley Home & Garden Club)

5. Daybed From Old Doors

Daybed From Old Doors

Have an old door or two lying around? Repurpose them into a daybed! (DIY instructions: Dogs don’t Eat Pizza)

6. West Elm Inspired Day Bed

Modern Day Bed From Plain Old Lumber

This classic daybed would work well in just about any decor home. (DIY instructions: DIY Passion)

7. Daybed with Storage

Daybed with Storage

Build a daybed with storage to make maximum use of limited space. (DIY instructions: A Trail Life)

8. Scandinavian Style DIY Daybed

Scandinavian Style DIY Daybed

That underneath area would be great for some storage baskets or drawers too. (DIY instructions: Time of the Aquarius)

8 Gorgeous DIY Daybed Ideas For Your Home

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