20 Ideas for What to Make with Old Jeans

Don’t throw out your old jeans! They might not fit anymore, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create something new from them.

We have collected 20 nifty DIY tutorials on how to repurpose old jeans. These projects are great for people of all ages and craft levels. You can turn old jeans into cute coasters, rugs, aprons or even curtains! Check out all the ideas below and don’t forget to tell us which one you like the most!


1. Denim Chevron Rug

Denim Chevron Rug
Tutorial via Pillar Box Blue


2. DIY Denim Backpack

Denim Backpack
Tutorial via Scratch and Stitch


3. DIY Bag from Jeans

Tutorial via Hearth & Vine


4. Picnic Blanket


5. Recycled Blue Jean Apron

Tutorial via Scavenger Chic


6. Jeans Pocket Cushion

Jeans Pocket Cushion
Tutorial via Threading My Way


7. No-Sew Mini Blue Jean Purse

No-Sew Mini Blue Jean Purse
Tutorial via Mich L. in LA


8. Upcycled Denim Wrap Bracelet

Tutorial via Amy Latta Creations


9. From Pant Legs to Wine Bags

From Pant Legs to Wine Bags
Tutorial via My Soulful Home


10. Frayed Denim Pouch

Frayed Denim Pouch
Tutorial via Curly Made


11. DIY Recycled Denim Poof

Denim Poof
Tutorial via Michele Made Me


12. Wall Organizer


13. DIY Coasters


14. Denim Jeans Planter


15. Denim Wall Sign

Denim Wall Sign
Tutorial via A Beautiful Mess


16. DIY Denim Curtains


17. Denim Rosette Headband

Denim Rosette Headband
Tutorial via Creations by Kara


18. Old Jeans Key Chains

Old Jeans Key Chains
Tutorial via A Room of Wonders


19. Jeans Pocket Turtle

Jeans Pocket Turtle
Tutorial via Jembellish


20. Denim Bibs

Denim Bibs
Tutorial via A Maiden Hairfern


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20 Ideas for What to Make with Old Jeans

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