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10 Gorgeous DIY Projects You Can Make With Concrete

Concrete is a very versatile material. You can make all sorts of DIY projects from concrete and it’s actually quite easy. DIYers are using it to cover furniture, fill molds, and also to creating wonderful decorative things for the home.

10 Gorgeous DIY Projects You Can Make With Concrete #DIY

Here are 10 awesome DIY concrete projects that are surprisingly easy to make – not to mention incredibly cheap. Check them out!

1. Concrete Bookends

Concrete Bookends

Give your bookshelf a modern twist with elegant faux stone bookends. (Project details: Make and Tell)

2. Concrete Desk

Concrete Desk

Update your office with this minimal concrete & wood desk! (Project details: The Merrythought)

3. Concrete Planter

Concrete Planter

This gorgeous planter is made from an old towel drenched in concrete! I love the shape of it and texture. (Project details: The Rustic Willow)

4. Concrete Cobblestone Path

Concrete Cobblestone Path

Not only does it look great but it was very cost effective! (Project details: Home is Where They Love You)

5. Concrete Garden Spheres

Concrete Garden Spheres

Add fun accent to your garden or patio with these pretty concrete spheres. (Project details: Simple Details)

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