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10 Ways To Upgrade Your Chicken Coop

10 Ways To Upgrade Your Chicken Coop

Here are some things you can add to the coop to increase the chances of a high amount of fresh eggs every morning and enhance your chicken’s comfort level.

1. Install a Roost

Install a Roost

Chickens prefer to sleep up high off the ground, and away from potential predators. (via Backyard Chickens)

2. Add a Dust Bath

Add a dust bath

A dust bath is an important part of chicken hygiene. Bathing helps chickens get rid of Mites and other parasites that can afflict chickens. Wood ash mixed with sand is one way to create dust for them. (via Untrained Housewife)

3. The Poop Hammock

The Poop Hammock

Make a poop hammock to keep a clean chicken coop floor. (Get the instructions at Community Chickens)

4. PVC Chicken Feeder

PVC Chicken Feeder

This PVC chicken feeder is very simple to build and will make feeding your chickens much easier. (Get the instructions at Instructables)

5. Chicken Swing

Chicken Swing

The chicken swing is the ultimate chicken toy. Reduce boredom and provide hours of entertainment for your pets. (Get the instructions at Attainable Sustainable)

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8 thoughts on “10 Ways To Upgrade Your Chicken Coop”

  1. Great article! We just got chickens a couple weeks ago, and some of these ideas look like a lot of fun! Thanks!

    1. I have done a few of these ideas, my 11 hens love all I have tried
      I plan on putting a swing in thier coop this fall or next spring

  2. Great ideas! My chicks would LOVE the cucumber tether! The poop hammock. I must say, is brilliant! Keeping the coop floor clean is one of my main obsessions 😂.


  3. I tried the chicken swing. It was hilarious watching them try to get on it. They kept missing it. Absolutely worth it.

  4. Have everything but the poop hammock. My coop is too small for that. I must say the mirror and the “jungle gym” roost are their favorite things. I also have various length pieces of a large log around the pen. They’re another favorite spot for the girls to jump up on and sit and roost.

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