6 Ways to Use Banana Peels in the Garden

Banana Peel Uses

Next time you’re about to throw your banana peels into the trash, hold off. Banana peels contain a ton of nutrients such as: potassium, calcium, magnesium and sulfur that will help your plants grow and thrive. They can also improve the quality of your garden soil. Here are 6 effective ways to use banana peels in the garden.

6 Ways to Use Banana Peels in the Garden


The most popular use for banana peels is to mix them into the compost pile. Peels add potassium and phosphorus to compost which promote root development and overall plant health when incorporated into garden soil.


Banana Peel Tea

Making banana tea is a great natural fertilizer for any plants. Place your banana peels in a jar of water and let it sit for about 48 hours. Then pour the mixture around your plants and watch them flourish!


Aphid Control

Aphids don’t like banana peels. If you bury some around your roses or other plants aphids love (like cauliflower), you’ll deter them from coming around.

Insect Trap

Want to keep pesky bugs out of your garden? Soak your banana peels in apple cider vinegar and put them in a plastic container with holes on top just big enough to let a bug inside. The smell will draw them in and the solution will trap them.


Tomato Plant Fertilizer

Wrap a banana peel around your tomato seedlings when you first plant them. As the tomato plant grows, it will absorb the nutrients from the peel throughout the season.


Attract Butterflies and Birds

If you want to welcome animals in your garden, consider putting ripe banana peels on a raised platform. Birds and butterflies will be attracted to the sweetness of the peel and you will see them more often.

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