7 Natural Ways To Protect Your Garden From Snails and Slugs

Snails and slugs are the bane of many gardeners, because they can devastate a vegetable crop in a few days. Instead of letting them take over your beloved garden, take action to get rid of the slugs that are ruining your plants.

In this article, I will show you 7 ways how to get rid of snails and slugs quickly and efficiently.

1. Beer Traps

Beer Trapsvia EatTheSeason.com

To make your own beer traps, simply bury a recycled can or plastic container in the soil and fill it with beer. Snails and slugs will be attracted to the beer (because it contains yeast and the carbohydrates) go for a sip, fall into the cup and drown.

2. Egg Shells

Crushed Egg Shellvia TheLittleGreenHomemaker.com

Crushed egg shells will deter snails and slugs from your garden vegetable plants due to its abrasiveness to their soft bodies. Additionaly, egg shells providing calcium and other nutrients to the soil.

3. Use Sandpaper to Deter Slugs

Use Sandpaper to Deter Slugs

Sandpaper as egg shells is too painful for the snails and slugs to cross.

4. Catch Slugs with Citrus

Catch Slugs with Citrusvia SustainableEcho.com

Another great alternative is to put citrus rinds around the yard, that are very attractive to snails.

5. Salt Solution

Salt Solution

Sprinkle the salt around your plants. The salt dries them out, so they won’t go near it. Don’t put the salt on the plants, it will kill them!

6. Coffee Grounds

Coffee Grounds

Also using old coffee grounds are recommended as a way to keep slugs and snails at bay. Coffee makes a great fertilizer too!

7. Chickens Or Ducks

ducks love eat highly nutritious slugs and snails

Got Chickens or ducks? Let them loose in your garden, they love eat highly nutritious slugs and snails.

If you know more methods how to get rid of snails out of the garden, share your tips in the comments below.

13 thoughts on “7 Natural Ways To Protect Your Garden From Snails and Slugs

  1. Spread clean, fresh cat litter around plant. It sticks to their body and kills them. The slugs crawl up the Hostas in the morning and climb back down at night. No need to put litter onto the leaves of plants.

  2. Sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth around your plants in your flowerbeds, it has sharp little things in it that kill the slugs and snails that they won’t cross it. From Howard Garrett, the Organic Texas Gardener’s newsletter.

  3. We have used corn meal at base of plants, it worked for us.I am not sure why the slugs do not like it. Could be the texture.

  4. Corn meal kills the slugs if they eat it. Sprinkle pebbles around ur flower bed, slugs and snails cannot cross these small stones because of their pointy ends.

  5. I collect coffee pulp for this… Double purpose… Fertilizer once decomposed and anti slug/snails

  6. Slightly rotted plank near slug damage and the slugs will be on the underside of the plank after overnight.

  7. Plants that are very delicious to slugs like lettuce I grow in big pots with lips. I put vaseline under the lip so it can’t rain off. Slugs and snails won’t cross it.

    1. What a great idea! We have a slug problem, tried to make some flower pots but they would eat them. Thank you very much for sharing!

  8. I’ve heard that the crushed eggshells could affect the valuable earthworms in your garden, not just the slugs and snails…is this true? I like the coffee grounds idea, about the cheapest way too, if it works.





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