20+ DIY Halloween Crafts & Decorations

If you are looking for interesting ideas to decorate your home for Halloween this post is exactly for you. We have tried to gather the most awesome Halloween decorations which you can easily make by yourself and without spending a scary amount of money.

I assure you that these Halloween decorations for sure help you create a perfect ambience of this fun holiday. Just take a look for inspirations below and enjoy decorating your home!

1. Bat Made With Pegs

Bat Made With Pegs

Make this fun and adorable little bat using peg and paper! (Tutorial: Estefi Machado)

2. Embroidery Hoop Spiderwebs

embroidery hoop spiderwebs

Create these simple spiderwebs to decorate your home for Halloween! Made from embroidery hoops and wool. (Tutorial: The Things She Makes)

3. Halloween Ghost Jars

halloween ghost jars

These child-friendly ghost jars are made with chalkboard paint and googly eyes. (Tutorial: Evermine)

4. Ghost Table Runner

Ghost Table Runner

Don’t forget to add some ghosts into your table decor. (Tutorial: The House That Lars Built)

5. Paper Bat Swarm

paper bat swarm

These paper bat swarm will give your home a spooky feel with shadows on the wall. (Tutorial: Revamperate)

6. Washi Tape Spider Web

Washi Tape Spider Web

Decorate your blank walls for Halloween with this over sized spider web made from washi tape. (Tutorial: Zakka Life)

7. TP Roll Bats

TP Roll Bats

These simple bats take up to 5 minutes to make each one! (Tutorial: Squirrelly Minds)

8. Illuminated Ghost Garland

Illuminated Ghost Garland

Recycle old lantern lights into glowing ghost garland by using fabric, twine and a Sharpie. (Tutorial: Design Dining and Diapers)

9. Halloween Eyeball Bouquet

Halloween Eyeball Bouquet

Easy to make with basic materials. You will want to make a garden of them! (Tutorial: Crafts’n Coffee)

10. Halloween Pompoms

halloween pompoms

Soft ghost pompoms make great Halloween toys for tiny hands. (Tutorial: Mr Printables)

11. Spider Lampshade

Spider Lampshade

Just stick a few spiders to lampshade and you’re done! (Photo via Just Crafty Enough)

12. Halloween Wreath

Halloween Wreath

Every holiday deserves a wreath, so you really should have one for Halloween. (Tutorial: Woman’sDay)

13. Bottle Bats

Bottle Bats

Transform empty soda bottles into bottle bats! (Tutorial: KinderArt)

14. Bubbling Cauldron

Bubbling Cauldron

This is so cool! You can add fake bugs and spiders for extra ick! (Tutorial: Through My Looking Glass)

15. Frankenstein Can

Frankenstein Can

Turn a can into the monster from Frankenstein. (Tutorial: Craft Ideas)

16. Mummy Pumpkin

Mummy Pumpkin

Cover a pumpkin in cheesecloth for a creepy decoration. (Tutorial: Changing My Destiny)

17. Freaky Family Portraits

Freaky Family Portraits

Poke holes for the eyes and insert Christmas lights to make them glow. (Full tutorial: Country Living)

18. A Floating Ghost

A Floating Ghost

These ghosts in weird postures are sure to liven up the spooky scene at your house. (Tutorial: Every Day is a Crafting Day)

19. Halloween Front Door Mummy

Halloween Front Door Mummy

Cover your front door using good ole fashioned crepe paper streamers. (Tutorial: Honey & Fitz)

20. Mason Jar Jack-o-Lanterns

Mason Jar Jack-o-Lanterns

Create the lovely Halloween luminaries using mason jars and LED tealights. (Tutorial: My Crafty Spot)

21. Spooktacular Halloween Wall Lights

Spooktacular Halloween Wall Lights

Make use of this marvelous idea to adorn your walls. (Tutorial: Craftster)

22. Spider Sack Decor

Spider Sack Decor

These spider sacks can be easily made of some yarn, glue and balloons. (Tutorial: Modern Parents Messy Kids)

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