22 Stunning DIY Entryway Projects

Is your entryway a bit boring and bland? Well, it definitely needs a makeover! The entryway is a place that’s often overlooked, but just with a few clever ideas you can help to integrate this transitional area into the rest of the house. Whether you prefer modern minimalism or traditional style, here you will find some great DIY projects and ideas for creating a more functional and inviting entryway.

22 Stunning DIY Entryway Projects

1. Reclaimed Bench

Entryway Bench From Reclaimed Wood

Make your own great looking entryway bench from reclaimed wood and very cool hairpin legs. (DIY instructions: The Stir)

2. Plain to Paneled

Plain to Paneled

Create this built-in panel effect. Kids backpacks, hats, scarves and coats now all will have a home. (DIY instructions: From The Natos)

3. Colorful Storage Crates

Colorful Crates

Add a strong dose of color with wooden flower boxes and/or crates. Simply paint each box a different pastel color and arrange them in various directions on the wall. (Via: Thea’s Mania)

4. Entryway Rack Using Plumbing Pipes

Entryway Rack Using Plumbing Pipes

Look at this chic shelving and clothes racks made from old plumbing parts. It’s humorous and totally cool at the same time! (Via: Sweet Sweet Life)

5. Beachy Entry Tables

Beachy Entry Tables

One table becomes two beachy entry tables. Love the color and the wood grain adds so much character! (DIY instructions: Recaptured Charm)

6. River Rock Boot Trays

River Rock Boot Trays

Create your own version of the pebble-filled tray to catch dirt, rain and snow from your shoes! (DIY instructions: Heart Maine Home)

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