20 Great Ideas for Creative Gardening Using Containers You Never Thought of

Bored with standard clay or plastic planters you use for container gardening? If you are dreaming of breathing a little more life into your garden, just look to the old things you already have in your house. Why buy new garden decorations and planters when you can DIY and save some money? In addition, creating alternative containers will reflect your personality and gardening style, accent the architecture of your home, and complement your yard. If You need a little inspiration to get your garden started in a container, check out these 20 great ideas for creative gardening, using containers you never thought of!

20 Great Ideas for Creative Gardening Using Containers You Never Thought of

1. Shoe Planters

Shoe Planters

Just drill a few holes in the bottom of the boots for proper drainage, and you have got a wonderful little container! Photo via Flickr

2. A Ceramic Sink Planter

sink planter

Using sink as a planter will undoubtedly make your garden more unique. Photo via Quilted Pixel

3. Denim Jeans Planter

Denim Jeans Planter

Don’t throw your old jeans.. Upcycle them into fun garden planters. Get the tutorial at Buffawhat

4. Tree Stump Planter

Tree Stump Planter

All You have to do is carve out the middle of a tree stump then fill it with soil and plant flowers of your choice.

5. Natural Rock Planter

Natural Rock Planters

Similar to the idea with a tree stump you can hollow a hole in the rock and plant your favourite flowers. Photo via The Cactus Pad

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