20 Best Ways to Repurpose Old Cribs

16. Dog/Baby Gate

baby gate

That is a smart idea making use of the crib to cover awkward spots. (Tutorial: Before Meets After)

17. Crib Side Repurposed into Fabric Storage

Crib Side Repurposed into Fabric Storage

Repurpose the sides of an old crib to store your fabric. (Tutorial: Dwell Delightfully)

18. Garden Trellis

Garden Trellis

Set up some old crib rails to give your plants a place to climb! (Photo via From Scratch Club)

19. Herb Garden

herb garden

Antique Crib makes Charming Herb Garden. (Tutorial: Cynthia Weber)

20. Upcycled Crib to Quail Coop

upcycled crib to quail coop

Transform an old drop-side crib to make a cozy home for your pets! (Tutorial: The Happier Homemaker)

Which way do you think you’ll repurpose your crib?

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