20 Best Ways to Repurpose Old Cribs

6. Drying Rack

Drying Rack

Make a drying rack from an old crib. (Tutorial: Always Something)

7. From Crib to Coat Rack

from Crib to Coat Rack

Here is another genius way to keep your old crib out of the landfill! (Tutorial: Nest Home Interiors)

8. Storage Center

Storage Center

Recycle crib into a great organizer for your kitchen or bathroom. (Photo via Instructables)

9. Desk from an Old Crib

Desk from an Old Crib

Turn an old baby crib into a new desk for your home office. Just add a glass top, turn one side rail into a shelf, and you’re set! (Photo via Achadosdedecoracao)

10. Make a Porch Seat

Make a Porch Seat

Repurpose your crib to create a cozy daybed or loveseat. (Tutorial: 2 Little Hooligans)

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