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18 Amazing Ways To Decorate Pumpkins

18 Amazing Ways To Decorate Pumpkins

Looking for some fresh ideas for decorating your pumpkins this year? For anyone who wants to try something different instead of going the traditional route and create spooky face, there are so many creative alternatives that will help you decorate your next pumpkin also in an interesting way. Here are 18 pumpkin decorating ideas to inspire you and take your decorating skills to the next level.

1. Pumpkins with Some Sparkle

pumpkins with some sparkle

Cover a pumpkin with glue and epsom salt for a more charming look with some added sparkle. (Tutorial: Davis: Day by Day)

2. Decoupage Photo Pumpkin

decoupage photo pumpkin

A super fun and personal fall project you can do with the kids! (Tutorial: Sugar and Charm)

3. Tetris Pumpkin

Tetris Pumpkin

A pumpkin carved with a fully playable version of Tetris! (Tutorial: Handmade Charlotte)

4. Jeweled Pumpkins

jeweled pumpkins

Dress up your house for fall with these beautiful, and easy-to-make jeweled pumpkins. (Tutorial: Glorious Treats)

5. Thifty Pumpkins

thifty pumpkins

Create fancy pumpkins from thrift store cast-offs. (Tutorial: Aunt Peaches)

6. Rainbow Glitter Pumpkin

Rainbow Glitter Pumpkin

Another super fun and colorful way to decorate your pumpkin this year! (Tutorial: The Swell Designer)

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