17 Ways To Use Wood Slices to Decorate Your Home

In the last few years wooden accents have become very popular in home decors, wedding and party planning.

If you have several wood logs lying around don’t hesitate to use them to create some gorgeous things starting from simple coasters and ending with a beautiful wall art. Check out all the ideas below!

17 Ways To Use Wood Slices to Decorate Your Home

1. Wood Slice Magnets

Wood Slice Magnets

Add a rustic touch to your fridge by making these mini magnets. (Tutorial: Suburble)

2. Chalkboard Wood Slice Display Board

Chalkboard Wood Slice Display Board

What a great way to display your photos! This would make a great gift, too. (Tutorial: Maggie Holmes)

3. Wood Slice Napkin Rings

Wood Slice Napkin Rings

These are just so beautiful in their simplicity and perfect for Thanksgiving! (Tutorial: Dukes and Duchesses)

4. Wood Slice Photo Ornaments

Wood Slice Photo Ornaments

Make some photo ornaments for your tree using wood slices. Tutorial: Inspired by Charm)

5. Wood Slices Mirror

wood slices mirror

Make a circular mirror with wood slices to decorate your blank wall. (Tutorial: That’s My Letter)

6. Wood Slice Serving Board

Wood Slice Serving Board

This attractive wooden serving board add a rustic touch to any meal. (Tutorial: ManMade)

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