17 Creative and Beautiful DIY Light Fixtures

Light fixtures are a key element in the design of a home because they can turn a ordinary room from “pretty” to “stunning”. But as we all know unusually unique light fixtures can be a pretty expensive. Why then not try making cool light shade of your own out of materials you have lying around? This will allow you to save some money. Get creative and check out these 17 light fixture DIY projects which are a great way to add a little flare to any room in your home.

1. Mason Jar Chandelier

mason jar chandelier

Create this charming and functional Mason Jar Chandelier to add light and life to any room in your home. (Tutorial: McLaughlin Designs)

2. Metal Sheet Light

Metal Sheet Light

Transform metal sheets typically used to cover radiator vents into unique and so stylish hanging light. (Tutorial: Cleverly Inspired)

3. Top Hat Lights

Top Hat Lights

If you are a person who loves the vintage look of top hats, you can transform them into modern lighting. (via HiConsumption)

4. Planter Turned Pendant Lamp

Planter Pendant Lamp

Take two matching wire planter baskets and use them as a pendant fixture. Very innovative idea and great for outside. (Tutorial: Design Sponge)

5. Paper Cup Pendant Light Shade

Paper Cup Pendant Light Shade

Create a 3D modern light shade out of small plastic cups. (Tutorial: Cut Out + Keep)

6. Soda Can Tab Lights

soda can tab lights

Use tabs from any canned beverage and create this elegant piece! (Tutorial: The 3 R’s Blog)

7. Hanger Lights

Hanger Lights

Yes, even hangers could be transformed into pendant lights! (Photo via Natalie Sampson)

8. Cheese Grater Lights

Cheese Grater Lights

This is a great project for the kitchen above your workspace. Just drill a hole through the handles and fix them to the wooden beam. (From: RecyclArt)

9. Beautiful Pendant Lamp From Colander

Colander Pendant Lamp

Another great project to add some personality to the kitchen. Similar lamp can be made of a giant salad bowl. (Tutorial: Handimania)

10. Globe Pendant Light

Globe Pendant Light

This wonderful world globe pendant light can be a wonderful addition to a modern living room, or child’s room. (Tutorial: Apartment Therapy)

11. Halo Light Pendant

Halo Light Pendant

Make these simple yet unique light pendant from galvanized steel wire. I love their minimal and vivid appeal. (Tutorial: A Beautiful Mess)

12. Anthropolgie-Inspired Wire Basket Pendant

Anthropolgie-Inspired Wire Basket Pendant

Use some black spray paint and turn an old wire basket into a pendant light.Something so simple look so good. (Tutorial: Ashley Ann Photography)

13. Vase Lamp

Cool Glass Pendant Light

Use a glass vase that has some distortion to create this attractive pendant light. (Tutorial: Pattern of Life)

14. Wine Bottle Lights

Wine Bottle Lights

You have to cut out the base of the bottle, smooth the sharp edges and assemble the lighting kit inside. (Full tutorial: Laura Makes)

15. Clothespin Pendant Light

Clothespin Pendant Light

Light fixture made with clothespin. Yes, those clips that we use for drying our clothes! (Tutorial: Young House Love)

16. Unique Bucket Light Fixture

Unique Bucket Light Fixture

Repurpose a galvanized bucket as a rustic, modern pendant light fixture. (Photo via 99.9KTDY)

17. Light Fixture Made From a Washing Machine Drum

Lamp From an Old Washing Machine Drum

(Photo via Apartment Therapy)

What do you think of all those light fixtures? Aren’t they all fabulous? No matter what light fixture you decide to make, it’s an opportunity to add your own personality to your home.

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