16 Pantry Organization Ideas You Don’t Want To Miss

Looking for ways to keep your pantry organized and tidy? You are in the right place. As we all know the pantry is one of the messiest areas of the home, so it’s time to embrace it. Knowing where cooking supplies and other stuff are, will help you save your time and sanity. In today’s post we have collected 16 smart organization ideas, that will help turn your messy pantry into a pretty and functional space for your home.

16 Pantry Organization Ideas You Don't Want To Miss

1. Galvanized Containers

Galvanized Containers

Use large metal bins from the craft store and hang them on the wall for storing snacks. (Via Lil Blue Boo)

2. Kitchen Wrap Organizer

magazine holder

Use a magazine holder to store your plastic wrap, aluminum foil, wax paper, etc. (Via The Wandmaker’s Mother)

3. Organize Your Cans

best way to organize cans

A magazine holder can also store your canned goods. (Via PBJstories)

4. Clip Hangers

Use clip hangers to close chip bags

Free up a pantry shelf! Use kid sized pant hangers to hang bags of chips and other snacks. (Photo via Facebook)

5. Door Organizers

Door Organizers

Hang some wire baskets along the length of the pantry doors to store your small jars and bottles. (via A Bowl Full of Lemons)

6. Cupcake Liner Organizer

Cupcake Liner Organizer

Store Your cupcake liners in a mason jar, to keep them organized and dust-free. (Via Hip2Save)

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