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16 Clever Ways To Store & Organize Your Spices

7. Built-in Spice Rack

Built-in Spice Rack

Make this fabulous built-in spice rack to hold all your herbs and spices organized. (Tutorial: Manditremayne)

8. Test Tube Spice Rack

Test Tube Spice Rack

Bring some the scientific touch to the kitchen with test tubes! (Tutorial: Dream Book Design)

9. End of Cabinet Magnetic Spice Rack

End of Cabinet Magnetic Spice Rack

Utilize the end of your cabinet for easily accessible spice storage! (Tutorial: Garden Betty)

10. Hanging Jars On The Wall

Hanging jars on the wall

Here is another great way to store your spices if you don’t have enough space in drawer. (Via: Design Sponge)

11. Cabinet Door Spice Rack

cabinet door spice rack

Keep spices out of the way by putting them on the inside of the cabinet door. (Tutorial: IHeart Organizing)

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