15 Smart DIY Storage Ideas to Keep Your Kitchen Organized

The kitchen is an area of our house which is used more often than most other areas. So we conclude that if our kitchen would be more organized and simple to use, our life will be much easier. Right? Imagine a kitchen that’s perfectly organized where everything has its place. In today’s article we present you various clever and super easy DIY storage ideas for well-organized kitchen. Many of these DIY projects are very easy to do that can be done in a weekend.

15 Smart DIY Storage Ideas to Keep Your Kitchen Organized

1. Upcycled Soda Box Storage

Upcycled Soda Box Storage

Reuse your empty soda boxes to create stylish storage for your canned goods. Get the instruciotns at Homemade Hooplah

2. Make Your Own Custom-size Pocket Organizer

Pocket Organizer

Maximize your under the sink storage space with a pocket organizer and keep supplies close at hand. Get the tutorial at Imperfect Homemaking. But if you don’t have sewing skills You can buy an inexpensive shoe organizer.

3. Turn Old Tins into Utensil Holders

Turn Old Tins into Utensil Holders

Fun update for old food tins. Get the tutorial at Blah Blah Magazine

4. Pegboard Wall Organizer

Pegboard Wall Organizer

If you don’t like cramming the pots and pans in the lower cabinets, this is a great alternative. Get the tutorial at Apartment Therapy

5. Pot Lid Organizer

Pot Lid Organizer

Here is a really cheap pot lid solution from salvaged towel racks. It will free up some space in your cabinet. Get the tutorial at Instructables

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  1. Those ideas are amazing! Like all the people I am always running out of space in the kitchen and don’t know how to store and organize my stuff. Thanks for sharing those storing ways, they are extremely helpful to me!

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