15 Fun Garden Projects Made With Clay Pots

6. Clay Pot Bird Bath

Clay Pot Bird Bath

Use a few inexpensive terra cotta flower pots to make this beautiful bird bath for your garden. (Tutorial: The Culinary Cougar)

7. Chandelier Planter

Chandelier Planter

Use a salvaged chandelier and some terra cotta pots to make this awesome hanging planter! (Tutorial: DIY Show Off)

8. Terracotta Rain Chain

Terracotta Rain Chain

Make this unique rain chain out of terra cota pots. They add the perfect touch to any garden. (Tutorial: All Things Heart and Home)

9. Broken Terracotta Pot Markers

Broken terracotta pot markers

Upcycle some broken terracotta pots as herb markers. (Via Hardly Housewives)

10. House Number Flower Pots

House Number Flower Pots

You can put your house numbers on pots for a beautiful front yard display. So simple yet with major impact! (Tutorial: The DIY Showoff 2)

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