15 Fun Garden Projects Made With Clay Pots

There are plenty of interesting and creative projects that will help you dress up your garden. But here we suggest you to make some great decorations with terra cotta clay pots. They are affordable and easy to work with. All you have to do is to gather some terra cotta pots and start your amazing garden projects!

Here is a collection of clay pot DIY projects that every gardener should try to beautify their garden. Have fun!

15 Fun Garden Projects Made With Clay Pots

1. Bell Tower Wind Chime

bell tower wind chime

Turn your old clay pots into eye-catching wind chime to add some whimsy to your garden decor. (Tutorial: Garden Muse)

2. Clay Pot Wreath

Clay Pot Wreath

Create a beautiful clay pot wreath that will brighten up any location! (Tutorial: Christy Robbins)

3. Clay Pot People

Clay Pot People

Impress your family and friends by creating a fun and fabulous clay pot people. (Tutorial: Soda Head)

4. Terracotta Pot Accent Table

Terracotta Pot Accent Table

This little table is so simple yet so chic, and it only costs $20 to complete. (Tutorial: Thrifty and Chic)

5. Bird Feeder From A Flower Pot

Bird Feeder From A Flower Pot

Invite wildlife into your garden building this cheap and easy bird feeder with a help of a flower pot. (Tutorial: All Things Heart and Home)

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