15 Fantastic Ideas For Decorating Your Garden Fence

6. Coffee Table

Coffee Table

A recycled coffee table creates a truly unique fence decoration. Via Recycl Art

7. Bottle Fence

Bottle Fence

Not sure what to do with your old bottles from sodas, beer, or wine? Make a creative and unique bottle fence that will certainly be a talking point. Via Flickr

8. Dragonflies Made out of Furniture Elements

Dragonflies Made out of Furniture Elements

The wings are made from ceiling fans and the body is made out of chair and table legs. Get the tutorial at Lucy Designs

9. An Outdoor Chalkboard

An Outdoor Chalkboard

Simply paint a sheet of mdf using chalkboard paint and mount it to your fence. Get full instructions at The Good Life

10. Wheel Cover Fence Flowers

Wheel Cover Fence Flowers

What a fabulous idea to reuse hubcaps! These flowers are very bright and pretty. Get the tutorial at Home Talk

4 thoughts on “15 Fantastic Ideas For Decorating Your Garden Fence

  1. I’m having a new fence installed in my garden, and I think that decorations could really personalize it. I like the idea of using picture frames to frame the wall plants. This is a very unique idea for customizing a fence. Thanks for sharing!

  2. thanks for so many good ideas for fences, my daughter has a fence a few feet from her back door, going to use some of these ideas to make it pretty for her

  3. I have already put dragon flies made from ceiling fan blades. I used pieces from wooden bed posts and chairs. I now have found some old table legs that I will use. I also purchased some very large metal flowers on a yard sale site. I also made some out meral flowers and green hoses for stems.

  4. I have to say most of these are pretty great. However I’m not a huge fan of the bottles and cans. Looks a little messy and a bit to much like garbage. But maybe just me. I like the mirrors and the flowers are very creative!

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