15 Extremely Genius DIY Pallet Storage Ideas

Recently pallets are become very popular as a useful resource in creating attractive furniture and decors for the home and garden. Although pallets by themselves are not attractive just with a little effort, we can transform them into a pretty piece of furniture. Additionally they are readily accessible, and what’s important easy to work with.

15 Extremely Genius DIY Pallet Storage Ideas

In this roundup we would like to show you some great ways how to turn pallets into storage for home and outdoors. Take a look at the 15 examples below for inspiration.

1. Pallet Spice Rack

Pallet Spice Rack

Too many cooking supplies and too little space? Improve your kitchen for more space with this pallet spice rack that doesn’t require many fancy tools. (Tutorial: Yay Apartmenting)

2. Pallet Charging Station

Pallet Charging Station

Build a charging station with pallet scrap wood, and clear up all the clutter. (Tutorial: A Piece of Rainbow)

3. Pallet Sports Equipment Storage

Pallet Sports Equipment Storage

Make your own sports equipment storage out of pallet! Use it to hold all of your hockey sticks, a baseball bat or even garden tools – organized. (Tutorial: Clean and Scentsible)

4. Wood Pallet Bookshelf

Pallet into Bookshelf

These bookshelves look so beautiful, can hold a lot of books and it’s so easy for kids to access. (Tutorial: Me and Madeline)

5. Coat Rack with Shelves

Coat Rack with Shelves

A wood pallet and some old door knobs would also make a great coat rack with shelves. (Tutorial: Mom It Forward)

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  1. It is interesting to learn a little bit about pallet storage ideas. I think this will be really useful to use in my storage rental unit. I am excited to try these storage ideas.

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