15 Creative Garden Containers

Express your creativity in your garden creating unique repurposed garden containers!

You can make fantastic garden containers with old items you already have around the house. Replacing the boring pots with some creative garden containers will make your outdoor space would be more interesting and beautiful. Here is a great roundup of 15 Creative DIY garden containers from recycled materials.

15 Creative Garden Containers

1. Barbecue Grill Planter

Barbecue Grill planter

If you bought a bigger and better grill and wondering what to do with the old one, use it as a unique planter. (Photo via Flickr)

2. Old Boot Planters

Old boot planters

Any old boots can become a pretty planter. (Photo via Flickr)

3. Bed Frame Planter

Bed Frame Planter Box

Remove the mattress and use the bed frame as a planter. (Photo via Mobius Home)

4. Planter from Watering Can

Watering can turned into planters

Turn your old rustic watering can into planter by just filling it up with plants. (Tutorial via Design Dining + Diapers)

5. Lantern Planter

Lantern Planter

This is a portable planter type, so you can carry it easily anywhere within the home. (Tutorial via Butterpaperstudio)

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  1. I love your old boot planter , going to try that one found an old boot picking it up tomorrow , it will be my new planter.

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