15 Awesome Outdoor DIY Projects Using Concrete Blocks

6. Fire Pit

Fire Pit

One of the easier fire pit to make in your backyard, where you can keep warm, or make some delicious s’mores. (Tutorial: Must Add Fabric Softener)

7. Concrete Vase

Concrete Vase

Paint the concrete block and turn it into beautiful vase for your patio. (Tutorial: Design Improvised)

8. Cinder Block Garden

Cinder Block Garden

The holes in the cinder blocks are perfect for potted plants. (Tutorial: Createsie)

9. Outdoor Bar

Outdoor Bar

An awesome cinder block planter combined with a place to keep and serve your drinks and snacks. (Tutorial: Hunted Interior)

10. Patio Set

Patio Set

Create cheap, long-lasting outdoor patio furniture (seating, a coffee table and side table) out of cement blocks. (Tutorial: B. Organic)

2 thoughts on “15 Awesome Outdoor DIY Projects Using Concrete Blocks

  1. I was considering something similar to the bench using blocks and wood to hold my planters up off the ground to reduce insect invasions. Great illustration for a spring project.

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