14 Last-Minute DIY Halloween Decorations

Our favorite holiday – Halloween is just around the corner! If you haven’t had time to decorate your home yet, don’t fret! We’ve rounded up 14 last-minute DIY Halloween decorations that are super simple, inexpensive and can be done in no time!
14 Last-Minute DIY Halloween Decorations

1. Stick Spiderwebs

Stick Spiderwebs

These craft stick spiderwebs are easy to make and are really inexpensive! Each spiderweb only takes about 5 minutes to create! (Tutorial: Happy Hour Projects)

2. Paper Lanterns Skulls

Paper Lanterns Skulls

Create these super-simple paper lantern skulls! For this project, you will be needing only paper lanterns, string lights, black tissue paper, Mod Podge, paintbrush and scissors. (Full Tutorial: Minted)

3. Bleeding Candle Decorations

Bleeding Candle Decorations

These simple bleeding candles make a spooky addition, when the lights are dimmed. (Tutorial: Revamperate)

4. Frankenstein Door

frankenstein door

Transform your front door into a cute Frankenstein for Halloween. (Tutorial: The Copper Anchor)

5. Candy Corn Wreath

Candy Corn Wreath

Or decor them with this inexpensive and easy Candy Corn Wreath! (Tutorial: Well-Made Heart)

6. Wire Spider Web

Wire Spider Web

This spooky spider web is easy to create with craft supplies you might just have on hand! (Tutorial: The Seaman Mom)

7. Easy Ghosts

Easy Ghosts

Make these spooky ghost decorations with recycled materials! (Tutorial: Adventures in Making)

8. Glow In The Dark Twine Balls

Glow In The Dark Twine Balls

Create some twine balls that look spooky at night! (Tutorial: Homemade Ginger)

9. Friendly Flower Pot Spiders

Friendly Flower Pot Spiders

Turn empty flower pots into cute, friendly spiders for easy Halloween decor. (Tutorial: Creative Green Living)

10. Floating Zombie Face

Floating Zombie Face

Create this scary Halloween decor using cheese cloth and fabric stiffener. (Tutorial: Consumer Crafts)

11. Balloon Tassel Ghosts

Balloon Tassel Ghosts

Make these easy tissue paper tassel balloon ghosts that will be a great feature of any party! (Tutorial: The Things She Makes)

12. Enchanting Halloween Lanterns

Enchanting Halloween Lanterns

Turn some mason jars into enchanting lanterns to decorate your room! (Tutorial: Adventure in a Box)

13. Mummy Vase

mummy vase

Make this fun and adorable mummy vase to add a spooky centerpiece to your table. (Tutorial: Tinsel + Trim)

14. Halloween Boo Cans

Halloween Boo Cans

Make this cute pennant from things you probably already have around: string, straws, patterned paper and empty soup cans. (Tutorial: Mabey She Made It)

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