14 Amazing Ideas For Using Wine Bottles In The Garden

14 Amazing Ideas For Using Wine Bottles In The Garden

Instead of throwing wine bottles away, turn them into useful and beautiful additions to your garden. You can create garden edging, bird-feeders, tiki torches and many other great things from wine bottles.

We present you a list of 14 amazing wine bottle crafts that are both decorative and fun. If you do not have any bottles to use now, simply bookmark or pin this collection for later.

1. Wine Bottle Garden Edging

Wine Bottle Garden Edging

Reuse empty wine bottles as garden edging. It will add a quirky character to your yard. (Tutorial: Flea Market Gardening)

2. Wine Bottle Hanging Basket

Wine Bottle Hanging Basket

Get a hanging metal wine bottle holder (it’s like a chandelier but doesn’t light up) and turn it into unique planter by filling the bottles with plants. (Tutorial: Artsy VaVa)

3. Watering Device

Watering Device

Turn a wine bottle into a Self-Watering Device to keep your plants hydrated while you are away. (Tutorial: Home Talk)

4. Wine Bottle Fountain

Wine bottle fountain

Create your very own water fountain using three wine bottles, a whiskey barrel, a large planter and glass chips. (Inspiration from: Seize The Page)

5. Wine Bottle Tiki Torches

Wine Bottle Tiki Torches

Create awesome tiki torches that look great and work hard to keep your outdoor area pest free. (Tutorial: Design Sponge)

6. Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

Wine Bottle Bird-Feeders

This is a great project if you enjoy bird watching and would like to learn more about the physiognomy, behaviors, and personalities of birds. (Tutorial: Rebecca’s Bird Gardens)

7. Hot Bed out of Recycled Wine Bottles

Hot Bed out of Recycled Wine Bottles

Make your own “hot bed” for plants which need warmer weather from recycled glass bottles. (Tutorial: N. W. Bloom)

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