11 Creative Ways To Repurpose An Old Ladder

Most of us have an old ladder sitting in the garage that we don’t use anymore, because it is too old and can be dangerous to use it. Instead of throwing it away, why not reuse this old ladder into something nice for your home? This simple object is able to take multiple roles in the household. From shoe storage and towel rack to bookshelves, here we have rounded up several of creative old ladder repurposing ideas to inspire you.

11 Creative Ways To Repurpose An Old Ladder

1. Old Ladder Canopy

Old Ladder Canopy

Re-use an old ladder to create a unique and inexpensive canopy for your bed. I think it adds so much character to the bedroom. (Tutorial: Chipping with Charm)

2. Ladder Wardrobe

Ladder Wardrobe

Looking for fresh ways to display your clothes? Use your old ladder to make this wonderful wooden wardrobe! (Tutorial: A Pair & A Spare)

3. Use a Ladder for Shoe Storage

Shoe Ladder

Use an old ladder as a shoe rack. Hook your heels onto the rungs for easy storage and access. (Photo via Design Sponge)

4. Bedside Table

Bedside Table

Any small wooden ladder makes a cute nightstand. Use each rung as a mini shelf! (Photo via FresHome)

5. Bathroom Organizer

Ladder Shelf Turned Bathroom Towel & Storage Rack

Lean the ladder against the wall to use it as bathroom shelves that won’t take up too much space. (Tutorial: Hammers & High Heels)

6. Ladder Lantern Hanger

Ladder Lantern Hanger

Create “mood” lighting on a porch or patio while dining or entertaining by using a ladder as frame to hang lanterns. (Tutorial: Duke Manor Farm)

7. Ladder Herb Garden

Ladder Herb Garden

Keep your favourite flowers and herbs close at hand with this tiered garden. (Tutorial: Small Town Rambler)

8. Ladder Laundry Rack

Ladder Laundry Rack

Need a place to dry your laundry? Suspend an old ladder from the ceiling. (Tutorial: Little Lucy Lu)

9. Corner Ladder Bookshelf

Corner Ladder Bookshelf

Display your books on a unusual bookshelf. The rungs make perfect dividers. (Tutorial: Fresh Mommy Blog)

10. Repurposed Old Ladder Pot Rack

Ladder Pot Rack

Have a lot of stuff to hang in a small kitchen? Try this pot holder made from and old ladder. (Tutorial: Old House Crazy)

11. A Ladder Gallery

A Ladder Gallery

Make a photo display using a wooden ladder and lace to hang the photos. (Tutorial: A Diamond in the Stuff)

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